Sunday, 24 September 2006

Here is my handle... Carol explains her exquisite teapot

Carol writes: The teapot was christened today for the inaugural Cook Teasers high tea experience. For the past 8 years this pot has been taking up room in my sideboard, needless to say not much tea is consumed in my house - the ice buckets get a good working out though!!
My Aunties in Holland presented this to us for our wedding day. You can not actually purchase the teapot but rather you have to collect Douwe Egbert Coffee Coupons for redemption.
I was so chuffed with the comments about the pot that I have taken to drinking tea and have used it since. Les laughed at the fact that I had a teapot and was actually making tea, as she has only ever been offered champagne and the occasional glass of white wine at my house (and that’s only when we run out of the bubbles!).


Danielle said...

This is a great blog! Thanks for the good ideas.

Cooktease said...

Wow! OUR FIRST COMMENT!!! I am SO excited! Thank you, Danielle - this blog is merely hours old and has already made itself known to the world.
1 down - 5,999,999,999 to go!