Saturday, 4 November 2006

Recreating a childhood memory

Christina writes: Growing up in the 1970's, my annual ballet concert was something I looked forward to every year. Mum always made fabulous costumes (one year she actually made fairy wings out of gladwrap!) and my whole family came to watch. Now, this seven year old was never particularly talented in the dance area, but I always put my best foot forward because I knew that my Gran would reward me with a box of Callard & Bowser Dessert Nougat. I can still remember the delight in opening the individual pieces from their silver wrappers and biting into the rice-paper covering to find soft chewy nougat, toasted almonds and pieces of turkish delight. Sadly the company was sold many years ago, and that delicious confection is now a distant memory.

So my mission was to recreate this childhood treat, and you know what? I think I did a bloody good job. My Gran would be proud!

Almond Nougat - for the recipe, click here

Friday, 3 November 2006

Let them eat brioche...which is apparently what poor old Marie Antoinette really said...

Nadia writes:
Here is my recipe for brioche. I am breaking a Cook Teaser rule here by making something I've already made before. Does it count that I haven't made brioches for a few years? I really wanted to attempt a souffle but after the week I've had... but to put my life in perspective, the author of the book I got this from, Rick Curry (who is actually a Jesuit monk - what a surprise, given the title) was appointed by his abbot to apprentice to the monastery baker in order to eventually take over when this other guy retired. So I'm reading the book and there is this off-hand (the use of that word will become very 'punny' in a minute - brace yourselves) comment about how some of the recipes are a little difficult as he only has one arm... Are those Jesuits blessed with the sickest sense of humour out, or what?! I mean - really. It's all very Zen when you think about it.
So... an oldie but a goodie...

For the recipe, click here