Thursday, 21 December 2006

Our first annual cookie swap...Delicious!

Five Cookteasers stepped up up to the challenge of a cookie exchange, and here are the fabulous results.

From left and clockwise (click on the links for the recipes): Nadia's Soft Ginger Cookies - warm spices and the crunch of sugar were the highlight of this chewy cookie; Christina's Chocolate Wonders - held a surprise of white chocolate chips and dried cranberries; Sheridan's Aunty Val's Shortbread - sweet and crumbly this classic was cooked from Sheridan's late Aunty Val's recipe; Carol's Cashew Butter Cookies - delivered a big crunch with moreish nutty flavour, and in the centre, Sherrise's Stained Glass Cookies - delicate flavour with glossy lolly centres in an assortment of Christmas designs and colours.

Cookie Monsters, eat you heart out!

    Saturday, 9 December 2006