Saturday, 28 April 2007

Just like Grandma used to make...

Recalling crisply ironed aprons, flour-smudged noses and sneaking a lick of the spoon when Nanna wasn't looking, this month, The Cook Teasers revisited the days of copper boilers, Metters ovens and well-thumbed CWA cookbooks...

Held at Sheridan's lovely home and surrounded by her exquisite collection of her grandmother's teacups, The Cook Teasers enjoyed several tastes from the past...

Friday, 27 April 2007

Date and Walnut Rolls

Carol writes:

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Classic Victoria Sponge

Nadia writes:

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Apple and Cinnamon Cake

Juanita baked this cake in a beautiful, ornate bundt tin. This cake has a crisp crust and a lovely moist texture with a dense crumb and luscious apple filling. Not overly sweet, this cake was perfect for afternoon tea, especially with a dollop of cream.

For the recipe click here.

Blow me a kiss...or three

Sherrise writes:

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Retro Sandwiches..I wouldn't bother again!

Christina writes: mum says that no Supper Party would be complete in her day without a platter of sandwiches. Usually a selection of curried egg, ham and hot english mustard, mock chicken and asparagus rolls. So, given the theme of this Cookteasers event, I decided to make the asparagus rolls, mock chicken, and try a recipe from an American Gourmet magazine for Ham paste. The results...well the asparagus rolls were mushy, we are now so spoilt with fresh asparagus, why did I imagine going back to the canned stuff could be a possibility? And the Ham paste...should have just whizzed up polony and brown sugar in the Magimix. I do stand by Mock Chicken. A tasty savoury egg and tomato mix, for me a nostalgic family favourite.

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