Wednesday, 4 October 2006

She da bomb!

Christina was recently awarded First Place for two (count 'em - TWO!) of her entries in the Royal Show. The judges in a fit of sugar-induced madness, failed to recognise the sheer genius of the Lime Bars she entered and although giving good feedback, neglected to give her a prize - what is WRONG with these people!

However, she won, and deservedly so, for her ultra-delicious Date Slice - pictured above - and devoured in a gluttinous frenzy by the photographer (hmm-mmm, wonder who that was?). The other First Place went to her entry in the Fruit Muffin section for her Raspberry/White Chocolate Muffins, which said photographer is hoping she will hurry up and bake so that photographer can have another Cookie-Monster-moment - but with muffins instead of cookies.

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Tanya said...

The least i can do is make the first comment on this bloody marvellous blog!!
Well done Christina and Nadia...look forward to trying the gluten free/dairy free version!
Blog on....