Friday, 27 April 2007

Retro Sandwiches..I wouldn't bother again!

Christina writes: mum says that no Supper Party would be complete in her day without a platter of sandwiches. Usually a selection of curried egg, ham and hot english mustard, mock chicken and asparagus rolls. So, given the theme of this Cookteasers event, I decided to make the asparagus rolls, mock chicken, and try a recipe from an American Gourmet magazine for Ham paste. The results...well the asparagus rolls were mushy, we are now so spoilt with fresh asparagus, why did I imagine going back to the canned stuff could be a possibility? And the Ham paste...should have just whizzed up polony and brown sugar in the Magimix. I do stand by Mock Chicken. A tasty savoury egg and tomato mix, for me a nostalgic family favourite.

For the recipes, click here.

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