Sunday, 24 September 2006

Chock full o' nuts: Sheridan bakes Lincoln Crisps

Sheridan writes:
The call of the biscuit!

I was a bit nervous entering into this 'High Tea' affair with such fantasic cooks at my side. I only attempted to bake an old favouite to ease me in. (Although our aim is to try a new recipe each time! I will from now on I promise.) This is such an easy recipe, a no-brainer - even the kids can help - which they did. They are the sort of biscuit that does not have to be exactly the same shape and therefore having their own creative identity based on the blob from your dessert spoon. As an after thought, once baked you could jazz these nutty biscuits up a bit, by maybe drizzling chocolate on top ( like a florentine) The Cook Teasers thought this would be a nice addition to the plainer version.

Click here for the recipe

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